About Us

Kemp Mfg. Co. Profile

  • Third Generation Business Located in Peoria Heights, Illinois
  • Owns and Operates Ray Machine & Manufacturing, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary Precision Turning Shop, Located in East Peoria Illinois.
  • Precision Machining of Gray and Ductile Iron Castings, Forgings and Made from Steel Bar.
  • Proficient in a Wide Range of Production Assemblies
  • Highly Skilled Workforce Focused on the Customers’ Needs.
  • Design and Build Proprietary Tooling and Fixtures
  • Provide Value Added Services for Paint, Plating, Heat Treating, Welding and Grinding, through a Reliable and Proven Supply Base.

Ray Machine & Mfg. Profile

  • A family owned business since 1971
  • Proficient at production machining while still being responsive to small lot sizes
  • Utilizing state of the art CNC machine tools that are cost-effective at providing precision bar stock products
  • Automatic material loading combined with live tooling capability provides efficiency while reducing additional machine set ups
  • A skilled and motivated work force that that can be trusted to assure on time delivery of quality products

Ownership and Management

  • Brian Kemp- President / Employment: 1980 – Present / Education: B.S. - Mechanical Engineering
  • H. Matthew Kemp - Vice President / Employment: 1978 – Present / Education: B.S. - Industrial Technology
  • Scott Vick – General Manager / Employment: 2021 – Present
  • Randy Aldridge - General Manager - Ray Machine and Mfg. Co. / Employment: 1986 – Present / Education: Manufacturing/Mechanical Technology; B.Th.
  • Jason Granneman - Quality and Safety Manager / Employment: 2022 – Present
  • Hylee F. Kemp – Past President / Employment: 1955 – 2020 / Education: B.S. - Mechanical Engineering


Founded as Abrasive Salvage Company in 1946 by Fred Kemp, initial operations focused on re-cutting grinding wheels until the early 1950’s when business expanded into metal removal services.  The name changed to Kemp Manufacturing Company in 1959 under the direction of second-generation owner Hylee F. Kemp.  During his tenure, Kemp Mfg. Co. expanded to a 48,000 square foot facility on 3 acres accommodating the addition of production assemblies and precision machining of castings, forgings and made from bar products.  In 1971, Kemp Mfg. Co. acquired Ray Machine and Manufacturing in East Peoria, to provide focus on precision turning.  Hylee F. Kemp passed away on May 9, 2020.  The third generation, Brian Kemp continues to implement innovation, preserving and expanding the reputation of providing high quality value added services and products to all our customers.